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Startup Q&A with Matthew Paulson is a weekly program that answers listener questions about startups, entrepreneurship and achieving financial freedom.
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Dec 6, 2016

The questions:

#1 – How do I tackle a big idea that I lack the skills to accomplish?
“I have this great idea, but lack the immediate skills to accomplish it. Do I find partners or other companies to help me develop and grow it, or do I spend the time to learn the skills and develop it myself? It would deal with app development (yes, yes, cliche…), so it would be at least learning a new language I’d imagine. Then there would be a portion of it that would deal with handling payments of money between two people through the service (so laws and regulations to take into consideration there).” from Andrew Cedergren

#2 – What is your best lead generation source?
“What is your best lead generation source? You mentioned that Adwords is not working as well anymore, what are you doing to get around this?” from Hilawe Semunegus

#3 – How can I hire someone when I don’t need a full-time employee?
“I’m at a point in my business where I need additional help, but I don’t have enough work to keep them busy for 40 hours a week. It’s been a challenge for me to find someone with the skills I need who also wants to work part-time. How do you handle this in-between position?” from Jason Cannon

#4 – I’ve been a part-time consultant for years. How do I go full-time?
“I have been a part-time computer consultant during my entire career. what is the best footprint/process to go full-time as a consultant?” from Greg Kludt

#5 – What are your thoughts on the stock market in 2017?
“What are your thoughts on the upcoming stock market year? I hear both sides saying it’s going to go up others say the market is poised to drip up to 70% of its value. I understand it’s the future and it’s impossible to answer but I was curious of the opinion of someone I know that researches and knows more than me about the markets. If you see signs one way or the other. Also was interested in private money lending and what the implications were for me to a find a local private lender for say a real estate deal. Or B be a private money lender to others if I have money save. How do I go about doing it to comply with the IRS?” from Pete Krentz