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Startup Q&A with Matthew Paulson is a weekly program that answers listener questions about startups, entrepreneurship and achieving financial freedom.
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Apr 24, 2017

This week's questions:

How can you get better metrics prior to jumping into a specific marketplace and evaluating the success of your idea? - Bryan Cargill

How do I select a bank or a credit union for my small business? - Marissa Poppens

Snapchat's IPO got a lot of talk. Where do you weigh in on investing in IPOs like Snapchat, being someone with an expertise in investing? - Troy Klongerbo

I recognize that you have built massive email lists providing a lot of email content. For those who are just building a list, are give-aways baiting subscribers the best/only way to build a large list? Like providing "The 40 Best Tips for ..." as a free download. - Micah Kennedy

What does a good partnership agreement look like?

Tip of the Week: Use an online invoicing system to get paid.

Partnership agreement checklist:
In my partnerships, I include:
- the responsibilities of every partner in the business. In other words, who's doing what in the company.
- What happens if someone wants to get out
- What happens if someone dies
- Who owns what percentage of the business
- How and when profits will be distributed
- Whether or not anyone will be taking a salary
- What money people are putting into the company
- What rights people have
- How disputes are settled
- Whether or not there is a non compete